Tivizen IP-100 dongle

Watch TV on your favourite Apple device.

A dongle to iPhone, iPad and iPod. It is very user friendly. Plug it in, it takes you directly to iTunes where the app can be downloaded free of charge. Install and you have access to DMB, DAB and DAB+.

€ 79,00

Activation costs: € 15,00


OS iOS 4.0 and higher
Supported devices
iPod touch 4th generation
iPod touch 3rd generation 32 and 64 GB
iPhone 4 / 4S
iPhone 3GS
iPad 1, 2 and 3
iPhone interface USB 2.0 full speed - 30 pin connector
Power consumption  about 70 mAh
Rechargeable battery Li-ion Polymer 240mAh
Antenna Loop antenna
Size 30 x 43 x 12 mm
Weight about 20 g
Apple application Free download from Apple App store
Mobile TV and Radio via DMB/DAB+/DAB in Band III

Take a look at the Apple App here.

Take a look at the complete list of specifications of the Tivizen IP-100 dongle here.

The Tivizen dongle is a co-production of Hantech and iCube from Korea.