Radio and TV

Live Radio and TV on your smartphone or tablet, free of charge.

Watch Live TV where ever you are. Everywhere, inside and outside your home. With Mobiele TV Nederland you can watch TV on your smartphone or tablet. On your couch or any other space in your house. But also in the train, at the back of the car or on the beach. Watch free of charge and unlimited to Nederland 1 and 3, SBS and Cartoons.

Or listen to the Radio. With a receiver that is suitable for Mobiele TV Nederland you can now also listen to the channels of public broadcasting and from mid-2013 also to different channels of other broadcasters.

The radio stations you can listen to form the public broadcasters are Radio 1, 2, 3FM, 4, 5, 6 and FunX.

Without usage of Internet

Mobiele Televisie Nederland works with new digital transmitters which results in great reception. Without using the Internet via Wi-Fi, GSM or 3G, so no waste of your costly data, without buffering, no streaming and interference-free.

Available devices

Watch Live TV on your iPhone, iPad or iPod or on the tablets Samsung Galaxy SDMB 5.0 and Enspert Identity 301. More information on devices you can find here.


Register here and watch 4 TV channels and listen to 9 Radio channels unlimited and free of charge.

Eredivisie live

Would you like a subscription to Eredivisie live? Right after our launch in the course of 2012 you can subscribe to this service.


Currently you can watch Live TV in Den Haag, Utrecht, Hilversum, Maastricht and Eindhoven. This will be extended to the whole Randstad area, Maastricht and Eindhoven in the course of 2013. More information about our coverage here.