IFA 2012: Launch of digital radio with expanded traffic information in new TPEG standard

Bonn, Berlin 30 August 2012 - Around one year after the launch of the new digital terrestrial radio system in DAB+ standard, the next generation of new services will be introduced at IFA 2012: The nationwide digital radio multiplex will transmit traffic information in TPEG format and thereby offer its listeners an expanded information service on road traffic.

At the accompanying presentation within the TecWatch forum as well as at Fraunhofer's booth, IFA visitors can obtain information on the technical basis, the new digital radio transmitter network and the potential of the new service. The presentation will also focus on a recently developed new reception device capable of decoding traffic data in TPEG standard. The capabilities of the test device will be demonstrated at Fraunhofer's booth (IFA TecWatch, hall 11.1, booth 10).

Comprehensive traffic information with TPEG

TPEG (Transport Protocol Experts Group) is an innovative method for the distribution of traffic information on digital transmission platforms. The system's information density far exceeds the TMC system currently used on FM. TPEG enables the exact description of traffic obstructions and provides extensive information on parking possibilities or regarding passenger traffic. The services planned for the future include more precise prediction of traffic flows and the integration of further traffic telematics applications.
The extended traffic information is transmitted on MEDIA BROADCAST's datacast platform which allows the efficient and nationwide distribution of data and value-added services on the new nationwide digital radio multiplex. The new digital radio system offers sufficient transmission capacity to provide the extended traffic information in TPEG standard for every user.

Digital radio today

The next-generation digital radio system using the advanced standard DAB+ launched in August 2011. Since then, the transmitter network has constantly been expanded. Today, it allows reception of new and partially exclusive radio stations for more than half of the population covering more than half of Germany's territory. The complete coverage of Germany is planned by the broadcasters and transmitter network operator for 2014/15.

"The new digital radio system not only offers first-class content with excellent reception, best sound quality and partially exclusive channels. It also convinces through innovative value-added services and considerably accelerates the development of traffic telematics through the advanced TPEG system," said Wolfgang Breuer, CTO at MEDIA BROADCAST. "With our innovative datacast platform, we also provide an important technical basis for the efficient distribution of expanded traffic information on the national digital radio multiplex."

"For our award-winning traffic information service TomTom HD Traffic, the broadband DAB slot provides an additional media channel for the fast and efficient distribution of highly precise traffic jam reports and other information on traffic obstructions in TPEG standard," explains Ralf-Peter Schäfer, director of TomTom's business area traffic. TomTom HD Traffic has been evaluated by technical inspection board TÜV Süd in July 2012 in several areas in Germany. It certified the very good reliability of the system and the very good quality of traffic jam reports with an exceptional coverage of the motorway network, federal highways and main roads.

"We want to excite people and of course also the manufacturers of DAB+ devices about the new services such as TPEG. With our more than 10 years of DAB experience we have equipped the TPEG demo unit for this purpose with our DAB+ module and adjusted automotive reception software," explains Carsten Friedrich, marketing manager automotive at Frontier Silicon. "We are convinced that we have impressively demonstrated how easily TPEG-capable DAB+ reception devices ready for series production can be manufactured using our Frontier Silicon technology."

"The TPEG software components enable the fast distribution of traffic information through navigation systems and smartphone apps for example for short-distance public transport. TPEG is thereby an important component for secure and efficient traffic systems," said Dr Matthias Schmidt from Fraunhofer FOKUS. "We are leading in TPEG standardisation and in the research area of smart mobility in which we develop new applications for user-oriented traffic through comprehensive simulations. We are convinced that all road users will be able to use the most current traffic information through TPEG in the near future."

Source: Frontier Silicon