Mobiele Televisie Nederland and IDAG have teamed up with well respected manufacturers in order to provide attractive devices in the market. There are certain criteria that must be fulfilled to approve and start market devices on behalf of manufacturers:


The device must support DMB (video and audio), DAB and DAB+.
The device needs to have a return channel (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi).
We need access to the SDK/API of the chipset in order to make available applications and services that combine broadcasting with the internet.
The device must have integrated conditional access (CAS) from Digicap Corp.

Please contact us if your device supports this and your company may want to discuss partnership when it comes to marketing, distribution, coordinated developments or similar.

Available devices

The following devices are currently available for order. Please get in touch with Mobiele TV Nederland  for pricing info:

Tivizen IP-100, a dongle to iPhone, iPad and iPod. It is very user friendly. Plug it in, the user is taken to Itunes where the app can be downloaded free of charge. Install and you have access to DMB, DAB and DAB+. The receiver is very sensitive. This device is quite cheap with a good design.
Identity E301. 7” tablet running Android 2.2. DMB/DAB/DAB+ built-in, built-in antenna, GPS, Wi-Fi, Certified for Google Market.
Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 DMB 5" tablet running Android 2.3, DMB/DAB/DAB+ built-in, GPS, Wi-Fi, Certified for Google Market

How to order

To order any of these devices, please contact Mr. Ron du Croix.