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The digitalisation of the FM frequencies takes a large flight in Europe. After France and Germany in the Netherlands it will be also switched over on digital transmitting existing channels. Mobiele TV NL has capacity and technique available for parties which - rurally - want to transmit digital radio.

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THE DMB network of Mobiele TV NL is perfect for sending data. The possibilities are overwhelming, for example for updating software `over the air'. Applications such as TPEG give navigation unprecedented possibilities and dimensions. At this moment there a pilot for the real time reproduction of arrival and departure times of city and region buses in Haaglanden. This project takes place in association with ARS Traffic & Transport Technology.

5 reasons to distribute data via a DAB network.
  • DAB is absolutely safe, almost impossible to hack.
  • DAB is a reliable and robust network.
  • DAB has low-costs, regardless of the number of receivers. Checkout is by bandwidth per year.
  • DAB is energy-efficient (receivers use 25-100 times less energy).
  • DAB is near real-time reliable data transmission in moving conditions.

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