Digital Radio

Why digital radio? 

Digital Radio offers great sound and reception, easy tuning (by station name), pause and rewind options and on-screen information in text and graphics. Digital radio offers interference-free, digital-quality sound. The digital radio receiver locks onto the strongest signal in your area to provide crystal clear reception.

Difference between digital radio and internet radio 

Digital radio is free and broadcast over the airwaves like AM & FM. Internet radio services are streamed via a one-to-one connection from your Internet service provider. Depending on your telecommunications network and service plan, they will incur a download cost. Free-to-air broadcast radio stations also generally stream their services—including new digital radio services—so you can listen online or on-air via digital.

What can I hear on digital radio?

All your favourite public stations will be available on digital radio as well as FunX, Top2000 and 24 Nieuws. From time to time we will bring you extra coverage of events and ideas that matter.

I've heard that analogue television is being switched off, is that going to happen to analogue radio? 

There is no switch-off date planned for AM and FM radio, so you can continue to listen to the existing Radio services as usual.

How do I receive digital radio in my car? 

After-market in-car kits are available for digital radio reception. These kits can be mounted just like a GPS and can plug into your existing car radio or sound system. At this stage, digital radio is not available as a "factory option" but the radio and car industries are working towards it.